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Why Bravado?
Joanne Black
Founder at No More Cold Calling
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Kevin Walkup
Enterprise Sales Executive at SalesLoft
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Preeti Pinch
Sr. Account Executive at Uberflip
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Morgan Ingram
Director of Sales Execution at JBarrows
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What is a Bravado profile?
A Bravado profile is a portfolio of your work as a sales professional.
How can you use it?
Email Signatures
Celebrate your career in sales.
Include your unique profile link with client outreach, and put your accolades in every message with our email signature tool. Go ahead, show off!
Move the ball down the field, faster.
Maintain 1:1 conversations with your buyers through messaging tools on your profile, with your undeniable expertise front-and-center.
Get in the habit of asking.
Every time you meet a new client or prospect, ask for feedback! This will only make your Bravado profile - and confidence - grow stronger.
Anatomy of a Bravado profile
A Bravado profile is built for top salespeople, and is optimized to showcase your best work.
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Client Wall
“If you are following the playbook that a bunch of other sales reps before you have followed, you're probably not doing it the right way.”
Brian Signorelli
Director of Global Partnerships at HubSpot