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Kevin Dorsey
Inside Sales Top 10 Sales Leader at PatientPop

Live Better Sell Better is here for 1 purpose only. To help make more well-rounded people, with the belief that if we live better, we can also sell better. It’s in the name and we mean it.
B2B Sales
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Kasey Jones
CEO at A Better Jones

The Other Side of Sales is on a mission to make sales culture more inclusive. We provide support to everyone that has ever felt like an "other" on their sales team, training to anyone wanting to be a better ally to their underrepresented colleagues, and consulting to leaders committed to creating a sales environment where all people can thrive.
B2B Sales
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Josh Ellars
Founder at Patri

We are building the largest global community of go-to-market professionals focused on the public sector. We empower innovative companies to elevate the public sector. #PublicSectorElevated
Government and Military
Sales Process
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Belal Batrawy
Sales Advisor at Bravado

Elevate the thinking and understanding of how sales should be done. It's time to move away from sales-bro tactics of dialing for dollars, 24/7 hustling, and thinking of sales as just a daily grind. Call and email metrics don't outweigh pipeline and wins. Working from home doesn't mean a lack of work ethic. Working smart and not hard should be the norm, not the exception.
B2B Sales
Sales Tips
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Becc Holland
Head of Sales Development at

A collaborative community for SD leaders to grow, share insights, and solve the biggest challenges that face modern day Sales Development.
Sales Tips
Best Practices
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Rebekah Brewer
Founder, Chairwoman at Utah Women in Sales

Helping individuals become more innovative, ambitious and well-connected. We provide a collaborative community where you will be educated, empowered, and supported.
Best Practices
Customer Relationship Intelligence
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Lori Richardson
B2B Sales Growth Strategist; Help Company Leaders Build a Better Sales Pipeline at Score More Sales

Where the top women in B2B sales go. Helping companies to find, recruit, onboard, retain, and promote great women in sales and to help support women to rise within organizations.
B2B Sales
Digital Sales
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Ashley Zagst
Head of Marketing at Bravado

Welcome to The Water Cooler! The go-to sales hangout to find exclusive content from some of the sharpest brains in the biz. Get access to conversations about the real issues facing sales pros today, plus tips on taking care of yourself through the rollercoaster that is a sales career (especially in today’s tough sales climate). This is a place to share with, learn from, and support one another. Let’s do this! Together.
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Shaina Murugan
Founder at The Openers

The mission of the group is to connect SDRs with sales leaders and provide them the resources and mentorship to succeed in their sales careers. We feel that Closers get all the glory and recognition, but openers have one of the hardest roles in the industry. Therefore, we bring you The Openers.
B2B Sales
Phone Sales
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Bravado is the perfect place for my clients to share their thoughts about me as a trusted partner.
Tina Bean
Founder, VP Partnerships at KickFire
Big fan of Bravado. Very simple way for buyers to have trust in me.
Kenny Traber
Mid-Market Sales Executive at SalesLoft
So far, I’ve received 12 warm intros and referrals from my current customers to fresh prospects [using Bravado].
Stephanie Elesser
Senior Enterprise Account Executive at Rigor
Bravado gives sales professionals the ability to build rapport with potential clients through the words of current customers.
Ali Mrzljak
Senior Account Executive at Aurea Software
Preeti Pinch
Sr. Account Executive at Uberflip
Public Account
Entrust Energy
Snowflake Computing
Preeti is a consummate professional. She tries every angle to help solve a client’s challenges and it’s so refreshing to work with someone who genuinely places the client at the heart of the transaction, not the sale itself. Highly recommended!

Suhale Vorajee
Chief Transformation Officer at BNP Paribas
Preeti is a partner you want to have on your side while making your business grow, increasing efficiency, and going through critical projects. Flexible, passionate, responsive, and knows her work! I am looking forward to continuing working with Preeti in the future.

Gosia Nowakowska
Product Marketing Manager, Corporate Marketing at RR Donnelley
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Stephanie E.
Senior Enterprise Account Executive at Rigor
Listen yourself
Does Bravado actually work?
“Bravado is much more than a collection of testimonials - it also assists in closing deals.

So far, I’ve received 12 warm intros and referrals from my current customers to fresh prospects.

I even received a new, cold inbound lead from a $500M company that specifically reached out because they saw my Bravado Portfolio and wanted to work with me.”