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#SecretToSales feat. Antti Taskila

Topher chats with Antti Taskila of Mulesoft to get a better understanding of the method to his mad sales successes. 

[Topher] I’m here with Antti. Tell me: What do you love most about your job?

[Antti] I’m in management, and probably the most enjoyable piece is to see people succeed. People join, we hire them and they’re new. They go through those different cycles and it’s really rewarding to see them develop. From the sales side, I like that it’s really clear. It’s a process. You have a target, you have a methodology on how to get there. You have a North Star. You can always go after that and you can see your results.

[Topher] You said you manage a sales team, right? How big is the sales team?

[Antti] 40 people.

[Topher] Oh my lanta! What kind of attributes do you look for?

[Antti] I look for high emotional intelligence, high intelligence, strategic thinking, and action-oriented people.

[Topher] How do you teach them to spark trust with clients?

[Antti] Obviously, the normal reaction to a salesperson is, ‘I don’t want to talk to them’ But if you have something of value if you researched the company they work for, their role. If you have information that they don’t have but is useful for them. That is something that builds trustworthiness because you’re delivering value to the customer. Versus just asking for their time for nothing.

[Topher] You heard it here. #SecretToSales