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#SecretToSales feat. Barry Hassfeld

Barry Hassfeld, Enterprise Account Executive at SalesLoft, shares his love for sales AND how he sold his parents on the idea of him going into sales!

"I like that every day you wake up and you are in charge of your own destiny."

[Topher] So the people in New Mexico. They want to know, how did you tell your parents that you were in sales?

[Barry] I sold them on the idea that I’m a sales professional. It started there. Once they saw how good my sales skills were, to sell them on that I’m the right fit for this type of profession. It was game over.

[Topher] So what do you love most about sales?

[Barry] I like that every day you wake up, you are in charge of your own destiny. I think the upside of sales is the most appealing piece.

[Topher] How do you go about sparking trust with these clients?

[Barry] I think it’s being responsive. Having some technical acumen as well, so you’re not leaning on resources to every question they may have that’s outside of just a sales type of question. One of the best assets a salesperson can have is taking constructive criticism and feedback to heart and always molding.