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#SecretToSales - For the love of sales!

Topher: What is there to love about the sales profession?

Pavel: Listen to somebody's problems and see if you or your product can help them, honestly. Right? And if you can then magic will happen.

Lynn: I like being part of the world economy. I like to think that when I sell to a customer it helps them do more business and I was part of that.

Topher: Find the secret to sales.

Lars: Motivated by being in front of someone else, talking, interacting, feeling.

Topher: You love working with people.

Lars: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Here we are, you and me, together and I think we're having a good time.

Topher: Always. Hey, so we're doing a -- you're leaving? Are you leaving?

Mark: It's one of the most human challenging human interactions that you can have in sales and it requires a lot of emotional intelligence, confidence, knowledge and it's a growth business, so there's no top, you won't top out in sales.

Topher: What is there to possibly lose?

Dailius: Yeah, I love sales because it doesn't matter who you are. If you focus on the right things you can come up, a company very quickly and it means that someone young or someone else has a second chance whenever they focus and do well.

Topher: It's a #SecretToSales mission.


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