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#SecretToSales - Former NFL Player Kevin Greene's Transition to Sales

In this episode of #SecrettoSales, Topher and former NFL Tight End Kevin Greene discuss his journey, how he got into sales, and how being on the field relates to being a salesperson.

(00:00) [Topher] How do you cool off? Do you play Fortnite?


(00:04) [Kevin] No, you know what man…


(00:20) [Topher] I’ve heard that you played football or something.


(00:25) [Kevin] I did. I played about four years in the NFL. I started with the 49ers and I ended in Tennessee with the Titans. 


(00:31) [Topher] Wow. What was that like?


(00:34) [Kevin] I loved it. I mean being able to play football at the highest level is something that was a lifelong dream of mine. So being able to accomplish that and seeing myself, first of all on Madden. Second of all, just running on the field with guys that I idolized playing with. That was a dream come true.


(00:49) [Topher] How did you end up in sales?


(00:51) [Kevin] Just wanted to transition. Salesforce came knocking at my door and I felt like it was the right decision for me.


(00:56) [Topher] What kind of principles did you take from football and bring into your sales?


(01:00) [Kevin] Being able to be a team person. Team first. The biggest thing I got was the discipline aspect. I wake up at 5 o’clock every day. First person in the office at 6. I think having that mental discipline is something I learned from football that I take into work every single day.


(01:15) [Topher] What’s your daily routine like?


(01:16) [Kevin] I come in early in the morning. Make myself a bowl of oatmeal. Every day. Read up on a couple stocks here and there. Set my day up for people I have to give a call to. People that I have to meet with. Just try and crank it out as early as I can. That way, when the afternoon comes around, it’s just smooth sailing and I can get prepped for the following day.


(01:33) [Topher] Would you recommend sales to people in college?


(01:35) [Kevin] Of course.


(01:36) [Topher] What would you say to them?


(01:38) [Kevin] Sales is excellent because it teaches you how to communicate with others. It’s that groundbreaking entry-level position that you can go so many different ways with. 


(01:46) [Topher] Where do you see yourself in five years? What’s the dream?


(01:48) [Kevin] Right now the dream is just to be the best salesperson I can be. I have small goals that I try and reach week in and week out. Right now I’m a Business Development rep. I’m trying to get up to Account Executive next and then just move up the ranks, here and there. Become a veteran.