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#SecretToSales - Is AI going to take your job?

Whether it's via Netflix, Uber, Amazon, or your inbox, you've encountered AI. 

The sales profession is in the midst of a major shift and functions that were once the domain of sales professionals are on track to be transformed, absorbed, or some think, even completely obliterated. 

In the world of sales, the predictive power of new algorithms is changing the way sales organizations function as companies eagerly invest in AI applications with the potential to enhance sales functions and aid in the development of more efficient sales processes. 

What do Lars, Misha, Damian, and Topher think about the incoming AI revolution??

[Topher] Hey Siri, am I going to be automated?

[Siri] Yes, Topher. In 5 years, sales professionals like you will no longer be needed.

[Topher] What’s coming next with AI? How do regular people prepare ourselves?

[Damian] Specific to AI. The way to prepare is... Don’t worry about it. We’re in a space now where people hear AI, and they think Terminator and they think thinking machine. None of that is happening. Okay? There isn’t going to be the perfect sales robot that shows up and you know. When you hear AI, just think prediction or forecasting engine.

[Misha] Automation is coming, but I don’t think it’s going to completely close the topic on sales folks. We’re far away from that. It will help us automate certain functions within the sales role. How we use that automation will determine our success rate. So, all this personalization, automation is only valuable to a point. You still need the human determination of value versus cost here.

[Topher] Is there any upcoming or currently disruptive sales technologies around?

[Lars] There’s a lot of people today talking about, I believe they refer to it as conversational intelligence, but there is absolutely an artificial intelligence component. By recording sales conversations with all the voice and recording technologies, they’re able to tease out insights in how to make sales reps better. So, from a coaching and mentorship standpoint, it’s allowing Front Line Sales Managers and SDRs and ISRs and Account Executives to learn from the conversations they’re having with live prospects, with live customers.

[Damian] The thing about AI is it reduces the time, difficulty, expense of forecasts. We’re going to see a lot of products coming down the pike like that and a lot of them will have some very interesting applications. A lot of them will be overblown. One of the things to pay attention to if it freaks you out is - it’s just one more guess of what the future is going to look like, but it’s not a thinking machine and it’s not going to replace you any time soon.

[Topher] #SecretToSales