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#SecretToSales - Our experts give their best pieces of advice.

Are you interested in a sales career? Maybe you've just landed your first sales role.

Either way, here's some great advice for junior sellers on how to make the most of the beginning days.

[Topher Benderson] If you were just starting out in sales today, what advice would you give yourself?

[Antti Taskila] The best way to learn sales is to do it. Don’t overanalyze who is the person I’m talking to. They have such a senior role. I can’t talk to them. Stop it. Just do it. And do it again and again and again. If you do that, you’re going to get ahead of others.

[Barry Hassfeld] I’d say work as hard as you can out of the gate. Those first couple of years when you cut your teeth and mold yourself as a sales professional are the most important because those are going to be skills and tactics that you leverage throughout your whole career.

[Ryan Lacey] Learn to accept defeat and rejection and failure because man, it’s just a brutal world. But it’s the best proving grounds you can ever be in.

[Sahil Mansuri] People love to put up this front that everything is great. In reality, it’s our vulnerabilities and our weaknesses that actually bring us together.

[Ryan] It teaches you a lot. It teaches you to be really humble. Teaches you to be tenacious.

[Barry] Always be learning, sharpening your craft. Be a sponge, you know? I think that’s one of the best assets that a salesperson can have.

[Antti] Be like a sponge. Get advice from others. Speak to your colleagues, speak to your manager. ‘Hey, this is what’s going well. This is where I need some help. What should I do?’

[Topher] You heard it, Topher Benderson.

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