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#SecretToSales - Personal Branding

In this episode of #SecrettoSales, Topher Benderson talks with industry experts Allison Wallsh-Levy and Ali Millrood to glean differing perspectives on why personal branding in sales is so important - and how selling yourself can be even more integral to the sales process than just selling a product.

(00:00) [Allison] We are all our own product.


(00:18) [Topher] It seems like you have this confidence to sell yourself, right?


(00:20) [Allison] If I don’t toot my own horn, no one else is going to. If I don’t say, ‘Here’s what I provide. I have 13 years of sales experience. I’ve managed 30 people. I’ve gotten these awards.


(00:30) [Ali] I think it just goes back to having confidence in your experience and being able to speak to your background that translates to the role that you’re looking for. So if you’ve had experience working with customers in a way that doesn’t translate exactly to the role, being able to draw those comparisons and sell yourself to the recruiter that you’re going to be a very strong fit for the role. I now as a recruiter see that comparison, maybe I’ll take a chance on you and let that speak for itself.


(00:56) [Allison] We are all our own product.


(00:58) [Topher] You are your own product. I love that.


(01:01) [Allison] It’s almost like ‘be the change you want to see in the world.’ If I want that amazing review or if I want more sales, I need to put myself out there to get it. In theory, one sale should lead to so many more sales. You’ve already done that hard work. I actually have this binder that I started doing right after college when I was selling cars. I would keep track of reviews that customers would give. I would have it incase I needed a reference or some kind of referral. So I was able to show, ‘Here are some things I do. You’ve heard word of mouth how great I am, here’s some tangible feedback.


(01:32) [Topher] Topher is very impressed. The first person you talk to, you build a great relationship with. The next person that you talk with has no idea that you are who you are. That you’ve built that relationship. Your portfolio is almost a way to translate that trust from one client to the next client.


(01:48) [Allison] After leaving Bloomingdales, I met this lady who told me about Bravado. Hmm, I’m making a career transition, what can I do? I can ask for reviews from people and have this be my supplemental resume. On your resume you can only fit so many words, but if I have this separate Bravado profile of how great I am. I can do that.