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#SecretToSales - Teaching the Craft of Sales

In this episode of #SecrettoSales, Topher Benderson discusses the importance of passing on the sales knowledge they have learned throughout their careers to the next generation of sales professionals with sales leaders Lars Nilsson and Damian Wisniewski.

The Bravado Mentorship Program pairs sales leaders with college students interested in a sales career.

(00:00) [Damian] To me, talent is one of the most precious things in the world.

(00:20) [Topher] How do you pass on the keys to the next generation? *Keys clink*

(00:26) [Lars] You do it by challenging them. I’ve been working for 31 years and I’ve been asking for help a lot of those years. It’s my turn to give back. I’ve been given legs up by so many people.

(00:40) [Topher] And you’ve been part of this Bravado program? I don’t know what it is, I’m a buffalo salesman.

(00:43) [Damian] Of course.

(00:44) [Topher] You’ve been paired up with a mentee, am I right?

(00:45) [Damian] Yeah.

(00:46) [Topher] How has that been going?

(00:48) [Damian] It’s been going well. He’s in the process of deciding if he wants to go into sales as a career. I’m just helping giving some perspective, like what sales is like, living on the East Coast vs. the West Coast. What are some things that you’ll be expected to do or know, or how you get the type of experience that tells you whether or not you’ll enjoy this. It’s super fun to be able to talk someone through that.

(01:10) [Lars] I have a Bravado mentee. She is setting her own sights on bigger, better outcome for her. I love giving back to people.

(01:19) [Topher] What do you get from mentorship?

(01:21) [Damian] To me, talent is one of the most precious things in the world. I love to help them figure out how to use it more effectively. Figure out what they want to do with it. So what I get out of it, is just the joy of seeing people continuing on in their careers and grow.

(01:37) [Lars] Some day, some of those people that I have mentored, they got some of these best practices and they made fewer mistakes. The best thing that happens to me is when someone comes back to me, you know, years later and says, ‘Thank you.’ And that is what mentorship is all about.

(01:51) [Topher] #SecretToSales!