The Complete Uber Account Executive Review Guide

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By Bravado Staff

Learn about the Uber Account Executive salary, sales culture, and responsibilities.
*Note: This review guide is mainly for Uber for Business.

Role Basics

What type of work experience do you need for this role?

An Uber for Business mid-market account executive will need two to four years full cycle B2B sales experience.

An Uber for Business enterprise account executive or account manager will need four years full cycle enterprise sales experience.

An Uber for Business business development rep (BDR) will need 1 year of SDR experience.

How is the sales org structured?

Uber has 3 main sales orgs: Uber for Business, Uber Eats, and Uber Freight.

Uber for Business sales reps manage corporate relationships with companies that utilize Uber for employee transportation. Within Uber for Business, there are mid-market and enterprise accounts.

Uber Eats sales reps manage relationships with restaurants that want to utilize Uber Eats for delivery.

Uber Freight sales reps connect large corporations, for example Coca Cola or Walmart, with long distance carriers. This is akin to a logistics or trucking line of business.

Uber for Business has account executives who cover new business, account managers who cover existing customers (enterprise only), and BDR’s who prospect into new accounts.

Mid-Market account executives will have 300-400 named accounts that they sell into, while enterprise account executives will have about 100 accounts that they sell into.

What does an Account Executive do at Uber for Business?

Uber for Business Account Executives sell the Uber corporate platform to businesses that are already substantial customers of Uber. Account Executives are expected to travel once a month to once a quarter (pre-covid).

The platform offers a more streamlined, enhanced, and manageable experience for businesses who utilize Uber. It also offers an additional set of perks for businesses who heavily use Uber.

Account Managers are responsible for growing the spend within existing accounts.

BDR’s are responsible for prospecting into accounts and building pipeline for the Account Executives.

Which Uber offices do the salespeople work at?

Chicago, New York, and San Francisco are the main Uber sales offices.

What are the levels for Uber salespeople?

Mid-Market Account Executive / Account Manager: L3
Senior Mid-Market Account Executive / Account Manager: L3 or L4
Enterprise Account Executive / Account Manager: L4 or L5
Senior Enterprise Account Executive / Account Manager: L5

Culture and Daily Life

What's the Uber sales culture like?

The sales culture is very laid back, supportive, and collaborative. Other employees are happy to help.

There is strong upward mobility in the Uber for Business role. You can move up a level within 1-2 years if you are hitting your quota consistently.

Although, there has been a high rate of sales rep turnover recently within Uber for Business. The turnover is due to the high quotas, the product being free which makes it a ‘boring’ sale, and the massive quotas.

How many hours per week do Uber Account Executives work?

You can expect to work 40 to 50 hours per week on average.

Salary, Commission, and Quota

How much does an Uber Account Executive make?

For detailed Uber compensation data, visit our Uber company page.

The compensation numbers are negotiable. You cannot negotiate the level you come in at as you only learn your level after you’re hired.

How are the quotas structured?

Quotas are semi-annual and based on utilization.

An account executive’s quota is based on how much new customers utilize the Uber for Business platform over a 6 month period.

An account manager’s quota is based on growing the spend over a 6 month period.

BDR’s don’t have quotas.

Tips to Succeed

Who does Uber compete with?

Uber for Business Competitors: Lyft for Business

Uber Eats Competitors: Doordash, Postmates, Grubhub

Uber Freight Competitors: Logistics and Trucking companies

What advice would you give to a new rep?

  • Be flexible and build a strong relationship with your field rep.
  • This is the field rep’s territory, so be prepared to follow their lead.
  • Network internally so you can get the right internal resources (product and Biz Dev experts) on your calls
  • Take advantage of the training period to get acquainted with the products and network
  • Do not panic if you don’t get everything the first day in seat. It takes about six to nine months to really ramp up at AWS. There is so much to learn in terms of product knowledge, sales skills, and internal processes.

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