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Will we see you at Unleash and Rainmaker?

We're right in the middle of conference season. The next two coming up are Unleash in San Diego by the wonderful folks at Outreach and Rainmaker in ATL put on by the folks at Salesloft.

There is always a  lot going on at these things between the keynotes, sessions, breakouts, networking events, breakfasts, etc. etc. 

So, our team broke it down. Here are a handful of the sessions we're stoked to attend at Unleash and Rainmaker this year. If you're there be sure to say hi.

And maybe even join the herd!



When we're not enjoying the sun, sand, and all the awesome networking events; here's which sessions we'll be soaking up. 


Mon March 11th 1:00 PM- 1:20 PM

Stretching Session - Exercises you can do in your work clothes

Led by Patricia McLaren Co-Founder of CopyShoppe

Ashley: I love it when conferences offer events like this. I love learning new ways to incorporate movement in my day say I stay healthy and mobile despite sitting at a desk most of the day.

Chris: Um. Yes.


Mon March 11th 2:15 PM- 2:45 PM

Sales Math: How to Bring Rigor, Precision, and Science to Sales

Led by Pete Kazanjy CEO of Modern Sales Pros

Ashley: I’m a big nerd so I have to say just the title of this session caught my eye! I love being able to present data as the strength behind a decision and I’m looking forward to Pete sharing more ways to do this.

Chris: Pete’s a tactical sales guru. I sat in on his Account Based Marketing presentation last year and everyone walked away with practical advice that was specific to their own business problems. Pete’s also an approachable guy who speaks honestly so make sure you connect with him after the session!


Tue March 12th 11:30 AM  - 12:00 PM

Sales Bro V Sales Pro: how to be persistent without being pushy

Moderated by Mark Kosoglow


Tana McDermott, VP of Sales at Workiva

Kenny Scannell, VP of Sales at ON24

Sahil: I’m excited about this session because it takes on the stereotype of sales being a profession of “tech bros.” Mark is one of the kindest, most thoughtful sales leaders I’ve met. If he’s moderating a panel on this topic, I’m there!



We'll be taking the red-eye from SAN to ATL so we make sure not to miss anything! Here's where you can find us: 


Tue March 12th 11:45 AM - 12:30 PM

Avoid Faux Pas: Social Selling Done Right from the Start


Kathleen Charlot, Regional Sales Manager, Akamai Technologies

Barbara Giamanco, CEO, Social Centered Selling

Morgan Ingram, Director of Execution & Evolution, JBarrows Sales Training

Samantha McKenna, Head of Enterprise Sales, NYC, LinkedIn Navigator, LinkedIn

Sahil: If you’re getting sales leaders like Kathleen Charlot of Akamai, and Samantha McKenna from LinkedIn to discuss social selling, that’s a panel I’m definitely at. But now you’re telling me this conversation also includes one of the leading voices for females in sales (Barbara Giamanco) + the incomparable Morgan Ingram… this one skyrockets to the one I’m MOST excited to see at Rainmaker. Social selling is the future, and if sales professionals don’t start building their personal brands now, they will be left behind.


Tue March 12th 1:45 PM - 2:15 PM

Running to Success: How I Changed My Life and My Career by Running 1035 Miles in 1 Year

Led by Matt Amundson

Buck: I’m about to train for a marathon and one of the reasons was specifically to help my other goal setting and execution fall into place. I can’t wait to hear how Matt turned fitness into a formula, and hopefully apply it to my own 2019!

Ashley: As a triathlete, I am training all the time, including lots of running! I'm very interested to hear how Matt applied his learning/discoveries from running to his career. 


Tue March 12th 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM

Sales 2020: Trends That Will Change Our World in 2020

Jake Dunlap, CEO & Founder, Skaled

Chris: I’m excited to see what Jake has to share about the future of sales and what trends are really going to take shape in the next couple of years. Jake’s someone who won’t shy away from sharing big ideas with you, but also take a practical view when it comes to applying results today. He understands the importance of great direction but doesn’t neglect the specific techniques that will help you get there. After eating some of his homemade carnitas and collard greens, I have no doubt that he’s got the recipe for success.


Tue March 12th 4:30 PM - 5:35 PM

General Session and Keynote with Danny Meyer

Amy: I’m excited to hear from the legendary Danny Meyer on how he built a successful culinary and hospitality empire. I used to work in New York, across the original Shake Shack and in the same famous Art Deco building that housed Eleven Madison Park, so have always been a fan of his. Meyer uses the hospitality quotient, centered around the 6 emotional skills, to build a community and culture of hospitality. These skills are transferable to other industries as well, and I’m excited to learn how to apply it to build our own community around sales and mentorship.

Buck: I’ve admired Danny Meyer and his philosophy on building a hospitality team for a long time. (He was also a wonderful guest judge on Top Chef.) Sales IS hospitality - making clients feel at ease and valued, knowing your own “menu” of offerings, to name a few parallels - and I can’t wait to hear the legend speak. Sign me up for this!


Wed March 13 7:30 AM - 8:45 AM

2nd Annual Women of Rainmaker Breakfast


Jordan Arogeti, Senior Commercial Sales Executive, SalesLoft

Mandy Bynum McLaughlin, Director of Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion & Director of Sales Development, New Relic

Christina Foley, VP Commercial Sales, FireEye

Barbara Giamanco, CEO, Social Centered Selling

Alyssa Merwin, VP, Sales Solutions Americas, LinkedIn

Sydney Sloan, CMO, SalesLoft

Amy: Having started my own non-profit around female empowerment and community, this is a session I am very excited to attend. I always love hearing stories of successful females and the journey they took to get there. Every story is different, honest, and inspiring. These women and the stories they share act as role models for a younger generation of aspiring female leaders.

Ashley: I've been looking forward to this before I even knew I was going to be at Rainmaker. I love attending women's events at conferences and I'm looking forward to hearing from this panel of incredibly strong professionals who are paving the way for future leaders.