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Who spurred an "aha" moment in your brain?

2 Knowledge bombs this weekend that I need to share. #1 by the brilliant Brian Smith Jr. -> "Real recognizes real."

I can't stop thinking about it as it is one of the most concise ways to describe a phenomenon I know well.

When you don't know someone that well or for that long, but you connect and know you're better friends than your familiarity would explain.

He shared this when Ashleigh Early and I interviewed him for my first The Other Sides of Sales interview since my attack and to thank him for being her cohost in my absence.

#2 "Coming to someone else's rescue made me realize I could come to my own."

On Friday night, I got together with the neighbor that held my hand and kept me calm while we waited for the ambulance.

And she mentioned this...

that jumping in to help me in my moment of fear and danger made her realize she was stronger than she thought and she could survive damn near anything.

Grateful for the wisdom of these amazing people.

What did you learn this week?

Who spurred an "aha" moment in your brain?

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