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3 Lessons From an Awkward Valentine's Day Hug

"I'm a hugger. Is that ok?"

"You're hungry? Uh... yeah, I guess we could order food"

And then I gave  Sarah Brazier of perhaps the most awkward hug I've ever given, which, if you've met me, is saying a lot.

Ya girl can be totes awk when she's nervous. 😬

It felt like when you're an SDR just out here dialing with no connects in the last 20 calls and then suddenly a CEO picks up on the 3rd ring and you damn near forget your name. 🙃

So I did what I always did in that situation: I kept it real 😎

I opened up about the tough place I'm in, losing a job I love, the uncertainty and just ya know, how bummed I've been.

What she did next was a Master Class in well, class.

1. She was empathetic- She listened intently and at one point interjected to say " Yeah, you deserve to get to cry about this", having sensed my attempt to appear stoic.

2. She was vulnerable- she shared too, about times she'd faced similar circumstances.

3. She. Was. Fierce.- Seriously there is steal in her gaze and the overarching theme of her advice was to fight for myself and what I believe in.

Then, she bought me a ticket to MOMA and set me free in San Francisco tearless and fearless once again.

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i love this Nikki! It's always great to hear personal stories.
Thanks! This experience meant a lot to me and I hope it inspires people to make connections with each other.
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