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3️⃣ unshakeable principals of tech sales

1️⃣ Everyone is on a different point on the technology adoption curve. Respect it!

☎️📱 Some people still own flip phones, some own the latest smart phone.

A seller must understand if their prospect is an early, mid, or late stage adopter of technology. Don't go trying to sell the latest piece of tech to someone still using an AOL email...


2️⃣ Every product is on a different point in it's technology life cycle.

💻 📡 Selling Salesforce or Oracle is a lot different than selling a new piece of tech no one has heard of.

A seller must understand that no matter how cool or special their product is they must also respect the technology life cycle stage.

Don't try and sell an emerging product to late stage adopters, and don't think early stage adopters care for saturated, mature products.


3️⃣ A seller must be mindful of a prospect's willingness to change.

🙉 🙈 Yes, you may find an early stage adopter interested in your new piece of tech, but if they just had a hiring freeze or missed revenue, odds are they're not in the mood to go through change...

Change, no matter how small, always involves a learning curve. Embrace it.

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