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4 techniques to focus on the "people" in "salespeople" 

After having a very "radically candid" convo with my team about having high standards and being a part of the best team in the country (our vision), I thought of something.

"What if we focused more on just what made people better people, and not just better sales people?"

So here is what we started doing, all of which are scientifically proven to improve performance, mood, and happiness.

4 actions you and your team can take today:

  • Daily Gratitude Journal - 3 things your thankful for.
  • Daily Goal Setting and Visualization
  • Optional Meditation Session
  • Superbetter App (Gamifying Life, great book, and Ted Talk)

The idea here isn't to ignore results, but it's looking at why most people don't do what they are supposed to.

Fear, Lack of Discipline, and Lack of a strong why.

So we are spending more time trying to address these issues, and see if it carries over into their job.

After our first meditation session....

  • “I feel so much better” - Heidi
  • “I feel 100 lbs lighter “ - Justin
  • “I feel so ready to attack the day” - Lauren

So far the results have been AMAZING! Activity up, demo's up, energy up, we might be on to something here.

I'm curious... Have any on you focused on OTHER things, and saw results go up?

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