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6 MegaTrends of the New Normal

We're all hearing how the 'new normal' will be different. My question is: How? What will it look like?

4 weeks spent doing trend analysis, sense-making and out of the hundreds of trends, settled on these six megatrends. I could have listed more but then no one would read the piece.

Here they are and what, at a high level, they mean for Sales:

  1. Time will become the basis of competition. - If you can save a customer time without sacrificing value, quality or their experience with your brand - do it. That might mean coloring outside the lines.
  2. Authentic human connections will redefine commerce. - It comes down to what Sales does best, building meaningful relationships, for the long term. The difference is email blasts, so-called marketing personalization, robocalls, 50 outbound calls per script - will permanently turn off prospects and targets. What's in - Zoom calls, in person visit, understanding their business, helping them access information and make better decisions. All the things Sales was doing before marketing got addicted to tech, automation, chatbots and AI.
  3. Companies will organize around the customer. - This is a big one. Expect organization structures to flatten. Cross -functional pods that will self govern will form around markets, customers, partners. Get ahead of this by having a rock solid ABM list and build your own pod - marketing, customer success, engineering with you at the helm.
  4. Vigilant organizations will rise, driven by purpose. - Short-termism is screwing the pooch and companies are waking up. Following Wall Street's quarterly earning timeline is resulting in poor decisions and organizations (sales) doing unnatural things. Leaders will have to embrace a purpose and have a long range perspective and strategic plan. Work for organizations that care about something and dig deep into the CEO's strategic plan. If s/he doesn't know what customers market will look like and the big drives 3-5 years out, cite sources and share clear to understand scenario plans for various "future states", I'd hesitate joining.
  5. Business models will shift from optimization and efficiency to agility and speed. - Meeting customers’ evolving expectations requires a different type of organization than what is prevalent today. The long bull market after the Great Recession came from businesses continually optimizing for efficiency. That has resulted in rigidity under the banner of stability. Winners will pivot faster and innovation will be the secret sauce. The rate of change is only going to get faster, get used to it.
  6. Global supply chains will restructure around proximity to demand. - Watch as global supply chains break up and some disappear. Key manufacturing will be on- or near-shored. 3D printing will become common place disintermediating local as well as global marketplaces. It's all about what the customer wants and ensure continual supply and having that drive the structure.

Lots of opportunities and I hope this provides some insights. The New Normal will have a LOT of goodness in it after we get through the near term bumps and dips.

The full article is at :

Thanks for reading this far - Christine

Christine Crandell
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