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6 months into SDR life

From youth work and employment counseling into tech sales, it's a bit of a career shift.

I'm 6 months into SDR life at Lever (HR tech), joined when they opened an office in Toronto. There's a lot to learn, it's definitely a grind, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it!


I entered giving myself 1 yr to see if I can figure it out, or sales spits me out.

Top of mind now - personalized outreach (as per Becc Holland), hitting publish on LinkedIn (I barely post), and using Sales Nav effectively.

Back of my mind - improving cold call skills, getting faster at the job, and learning more of the industry/prospect I'm trying to connect with.

All advice is welcome :)

PS. Feel free to connect on here or LinkedIn -

Let me know if you need any help using Sales Nav, I can unlock a LinkedIn Learning course for you if you want. 
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