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7 ways to break the buyer vs seller paradigm

7️⃣ ways to unexpectedly delight your prospect as a seller:

1️⃣ Tell them about pricing without them needing to ask:

"Base pricing is $X,000, and typically companies your size and revenue in this industry have plans between $Y,000 and $Z0,000. The are several factors that affect pricing that I'll get into later."

2️⃣ Tell them who your main competitor is without them needing to ask.

3️⃣ Give a fair and balanced competitor overview that tells them information they could never find on a review site or by just Googling, showing them your subject matter expertise.

4️⃣ State in the demo what your product or service does not do well, so they know you're not claiming perfection. This shows authenticity and genuineness.

5️⃣ Paint a picture of a big change happening in their industry, and a couple ways companies have handled it beyond your product or service.

6️⃣ Use short, 2-3 minute guided videos along with a couple simple product slides to aid your champion when they sell the product or service internally to their colleagues.

7️⃣ Give at least two options during pricing, but no more than three, that have a mix of the features and service they want to reduce the cognitive load of making a decision.

Have you ever tried telling a prospect about your competition without them even asking? Why or why not?
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There's so many advantages to talking about competitors first. Here are some top ones:

1) it's completely unexpected and will be remembered

2) you get the chance to frame the competition according to your strategic narrative while they're captivated

3) if you share something that they couldn't find in their research or validates what they heard, you g...
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