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The B2B Sales Show EP 73: 8 Skills the Top 5% of Sales Professionals Possess w/ Lori Richardson

What are the most important skills for sales professionals to possess?

Oftentimes, answers to this question are a little subjective. However, if you’re searching for an answer established in quantitative data, you’ve clicked on the right podcast.

In this episode of The B2B Sales Show, Lori and Executive Producer James Carbary break down the eight proven skills the top 5% of sales pros have.

They also cover:

  • Best followup questions to qualify sooner
  • A great resource for information on how business and finances work
  • What managers should be looking for in sales candidates

Resources mentioned:

The Top 8 Requirements for Becoming a Great Salesperson

You can find this interview and many more by subscribing to The B2B Sales Show on Apple Podcasts.

Lori Richardson
B2B Sales Growth Strategist; Help Company Leaders Build a Better Sales Pipeline at Score More Sales
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