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78-10-1-Make Cold Calls Fun

“How many calls did you get done?”

“I did 78 total calls, talked to 10 people that didn’t hang up on me and set 1 appointment...”

I literally flipped the table with excitement for this young man. It was his first day doing ANY type of cold calling and he sat on the phone all day getting after it.

But there was a sadness and disappointment in his tone.

He wanted to do better.

He knew he could do better.

He believed he could be more.

See, here’s the problem with all this that most people just don’t ever understand.

Cold calling as a telemarketer sucks.

I don’t care if you “love doing it.” It still sucks, whether it sucks for you or it sucks for the person you’re calling on, it sucks.


Because it’s not experiential! Only a few people here on LinkedIn are actually doing it in a way that provides an experience for the listener, in my research.

Fast forward 1 month with this young man. He’s closed 40k+ in hardware, in his first month in sales!


One of the owners of the company walks into the office and sees him...Crumpling up letters...

“How’s it going?” He asked.

“Great! This sh*t actually works! People respond when I send these out! Makes my cold calls fun!”

Bet you didn’t see that ending coming 😎


#ChangeTheGame #B2B

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