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Missing Quota

- 79 % of SaaS #sales reps miss quota

- On average, only 15% of sales reps who were in their roles for at least 1 year made quota

That's according to Forrester and Xactly Corp in the SaaS Incentive Compensation Benchmark Report.

In fact, across SaaS the average quota attainment is only 58%.

That sucks, plain and simple.

Tell me what other role you know of that averages "success" only 58% of the time?

Do engineers deliver on average only 58% of the project?

Do accountants balance on average only 58% of the ledger?

Here's the most important part of the study:

1️⃣ The data remained the same regardless of rep tenure

2️⃣ The data was consistent across the SaaS industry

So what is more likely?

That tens of thousands of sales people with completely varying degrees of tenure and background on average suck at their jobs?


That thousands of SaaS companies relying on a few hundred active investors and VCs are sharing the same broken business model?

Because there's two components to the outcome.

The people and the process.

Seems to me something is wrong with the process since it so consistently produces failed outcomes regardless of tenure.

Here's the catch though:

SaaS companies don't miss revenue 79% of the time.

Only one party is winning in this exchange.

What do you see as a solution? A flat salary? Tiered bonuses based on company revenue paid out to all salespeople evenly regardless of individual output?
Yes, I am really curious about your take on the solution to that problem.
The QoQ business model needs to die.  Unionizing sales people might need to happen at some point too.  
Also, this really looks like the 80/20 rule in action...
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