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9 Cities. 16 days. That's a wrap!

And I'm still not sure what to say so I guess I'll close the journey of "Flip the Script Tour" with this:

1. The character & integrity of who the SDR/AE Community is brought me to an even higher level of respect than when I started.

2. Thank you - To everyone who attended, posted, shared, encouraged us, fed us, gave us feedback & brought this dream to life through your time, attention, participation and support.

Roy Raanani Natalie Severino Don't know how to express to you what it means to have your leadership believe in you to the level that you both do. But completely indispensable & a luxury I won't soon forget.

Shawn Parrotte I still can't connect the dots on how you kept everything running, but you're the man behind the madness.

Josh Braun Scott Barker I love you both & will never begin to know how to repay you for what you did.

A few photos from the final days of the tour below, but this doesn't end here. Looking forward to building with you all, innovating with you all, getting to meet everyone, & seeing everyone's results if you're willing to share.


Becc Holland
Head of Sales Development at
Scott Dore
Associate Account Manager at Feith Systems
Awesome! A legit tour, does Philly have a date?
Lauren Casey
Account Executive at Wiser Solutions
#crushedit Amazing session - have watch 20+ hours of your YouTube content since the SLC leg of the tour. Also can't quit Josh's podcast. Completely eye opening for a new AE with no SDR experience who is trying to get it together over here. Thank you so much for your time and efforts! 
Jean-François De Mol
Sr Director Inside Sales EMEA at BCD Travel
Hi Becc, I've been following your #flip the script tour and your videos quite extensively. Introducing the concept in a company where we're only at the start has helped me and my team tremendously.  Thank you for your efforts and mainly your enthusiasm !
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