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A better follow-up technique

Salespeople-- You need to add some friction to your follow up!!

The next time a prospect asks for an email with more details, before sending try this instead:

Send an email that only says "Hey (name), let me know you got this email with a quick response to confirm I didn't end up in spam and I'll send you the details you requested from our call."

Why add that extra step of friction???

1) Foot-in-door technique: by getting someone to agree to something small (like responding "Got it") you increase the chance of them doing something bigger (like your email's CTA).

2) Consistency: We as humans like to be consistent. It's a core part of our psychology. So by having your prospect respond, they are less likely to go silent.

3) (dis)Qualifying: If they won't respond to a simple one line email, then high odds they weren't going to view your links and read your attachments. One less prospect to chase. Focus on the people showing interest instead.

4) Social Paradigm: You're no longer acting like buyer vs seller, but rather like a helpful guide giving info. That's more like inbound than outbound, which is very good!

Always look to make your prospect commit, whether big or small, early and often. #sales #psychology

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