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A brand new sales rep I am training made her first cold call ever...and it turned into her first sale ever.

Seriously! This is a true story that not many people get to tell.

And now you’re asking, how did she do it??

Well, let me tell you.

During our bootcamp we discussed the mindset behind her dials.

Not the metrics.

Not the volume.

Not the script.

Just the good old fashioned fluffy duffy stuff that everyone usually makes fun of.

We focused on communication as a result.

What will you make the prospect feel when you speak to him/her?

How will you speak your truth?

So, Chloe Ravina got on the phone and officially started her sales career.

She dove in head first.

Wrote an outline she could use to guide her words.

And right in the middle of giving her pitch, she stopped and said...

”This is actually my first cold call ever.”

And the rest is history.

She had a great conversation, the prospect freely gave information because Chloe was so honest with them.

And that’s exactly what is missing from sales.

Just think about it.

This person had a need and was interested in acting on it, yet no tenured salesperson in the area could call/stop by/email and identify it.

This is why having a R.E.A.S.O.N to your outreach is so crucial for success.

#ChangeTheGame #B2B #Sales

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