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A couple life lessons I wanted to share with you...

A couple life lessons crystallized for me the other day and I wanted to share them with you.

1. You’re putting in more hours than you realize and that will lead to your burnout. I was putting in 14-16hr days 5 days a week – life is a marathon not a sprint, give yourself a break

2. There are only a select few things I truly care about, spending time with family/loved ones and the experiences we have – never lose sight of what truly matters

3. It’s ok to break all of your habits for a week and truly slow down – see point 1

4. Focus on a few select things that you want to accomplish and literally tune everything out – you’ll get more done this way

5. You’re under more stress and pressure than you realize because of COVID – don’t underestimate how important your mental health is

What would you add?

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Chris von Huene
Account Executive at Xerox
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