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A great way to ask for something

Here’s my next LinkedIn post + Bonus Tips at the bottom...

Here’s also one of my favorite ways to ask execs for things like:

- a meeting 

- permission to work with their team 

- a deliverable by a certain date

- an agreement on an item 

I phrase the ask as a statement - I then end the statement with:

“if that’s ok with you?” 

It sounds super polite and smooth when done right:

“That’s exactly why I’d like to introduce you to my CEO sometime next week if that’s ok with you?” (And stay quiet) 

“If that’s ok with you?” is a really soft, but 

effective way to ask someone with power for something. 

Like my wife. “Honey, I’d like to play a round of golf 🏌️ Sunday with the boys if that’s ok with you?”

Or let’s say you’re asking for a next meeting in front of the exec’s colleagues, 

“if that’s ok with you?”...acknowledges their power to decide. 

So assuming your meeting went well, 

they are more comfortable saying yes to 

next steps if you’ve phrased it in this way if in front of a larger group because you’re 

stating your desire while politely giving them the option to decline.


Bonus Tip Not On LI:

For some reason - I’ve noticed that if you start your sentence/question with “If it’s ok with you...” instead of end with it - it doesn’t have the same effect.

Bonus Tip #2 Not On LI: If you get shot down with your initial ask - you could ask again a little later in the conversation but instead of ending with “if that’s ok with you?” You can now rephrase your question by beginning with “If you don’t mind..” - and say something like “Sounds fair. So if you don’t mind, let’s go ahead and at least tentatively put something on the calendar as a placeholder for the second week of May then. (Pause and wait).




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