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A grudge is a heavy burden to bear What...

A grudge is a heavy burden to bear.

What I’ve seen a lot in sales is that we hold grudges.

Whether it’s because a prospect didn’t show up for a meeting, stopped sharing information with us, or went with the competitor and didn’t give us a good reason why.

For some odd reason, we continue to hold onto these grudges and create sayings like “buyers are liars.”

Do tell me, how does holding onto past grudges serve your current and future prospects?

You’re giving them a dirty slate and they did nothing to warrant such a thing.

I get it, you’ve been burned, and so have I.

The difference is that I let it go because you’ll never know the full story.

The prospect that didn’t show up to your first meeting, may have lost their job.

Your champion that ghosted you could have had a serious health issue come up.

The reason your champion didn’t tell you why they went with your competitor is because they have no clue either.

How do you let go of your grudges?

By having empathy.

You have no clue what’s going on in their world and you’re not #1 so please show a little kindness, we all need it.

Chris von Huene
Account Executive at Xerox
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