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Social Proof

A lot of reps talk about social proof,

But do a poor job of actually explaining what it means.

AKA - You need to do a better job of telling the social proof ‘story’,

Here's a framework.

Over 1000 {personas} have trusted us with their business,

They decided to make a change from the old way, from the archaic way, from a way that didn’t help them reach their goals.

Even tho it was scary to do so, they did it, and it paid off.

Over 90% of them stay every single year, why do you think that is? Because they are getting ripped off? Because it’s not worth it?

No, they stay because they are seeing the results they want to and then some.


A great potential buy-in/check-in question or 2.

Over X companies are signing up each and every month, why do you think other {personas} are making these moves/changes?

Why do you think they stay for as long as they do?

So don't just breeze by the ‘we’ve been around for 5 years’, you need to AMPLIFY what that actually means in a way that builds trust with the prospect.

Psychology Behind This.

-- Why do others do it- Herd mentality, Social Proof, Primes for Changes

-- Why do they stay - Security Bias, Risk Aversion, Social Grouping

-- Buy-in questions/They say it - Law of Consistency, Own Voice.


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