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"I got fired" and mental health in sales

A lot of the posts I see from fellow sellers that have been fired in this pandemic follow a pattern:

1) announcing they've been let go (unexpectedly)

2) gratitude for the opportunity to have worked there

3) unsure of what's to come next, with some ending of optimism and excitement for a new adventure

It makes complete sense to post that.

It's a smart move to notify your network.

Then most of us just continue to scroll, maybe not even popping a like or comment.

What you don't see or read is how they are:

-) dealing with that horrible feeling of rejection

-) replaying in their heads what went wrong that lead to this

-) thinking about how they were told they're being fired

-) wondering if they could have done anything different

-) worrying about looking for a job in one of the worst markets possible

-) feeling anxiety from the uncertainty of the coming months

And on and on...

We have to put on a brave face in such circumstances.

Smile as we clench our teeth in anxiety and uncertainty.

Show gratitude towards companies that may have truly sold us out or did us wrongly.

It all affects our mental health.

That's why on June 4th, Jeff, Frank and I are going to have a very candid conversation about mental health in sales.

Please join:

What's the top cliche line have you heard from sales management about mental health issues in sales?
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I recently tried to get goals/quota attainment numbers lowered for my team while sales in professional services have taken a bit of a dip. No luck... got told that it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the company.  Lots of grind it out mentality and we’ll come out on top. 
“You should be happy you have a job. We all should.” - Managers years before COVID
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