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A sales rep called me last week and was...

A sales rep called me last week and was confident my agreement with his

competitor is coming up for renewal.

So he wanted to speak to me about switching. 🤔

In this new world 🌎

getting a new buyer to spend time with you... I mean really spend time with you...

will be harder than it’s ever been.

Getting someone to just agree to have a real conversation will be tough.

If you make that happen...

That means you did your homework behind the scenes to understand what

your buyer needs now regardless of what you’re selling.

That means you take your craft seriously.

That means your buyers take you seriously.

This is the way to have a chance at selling these days.

So I let this sales rep know that I don’t work for that company anymore and my company now actually uses his product.

I am already your customer bro 🤦🏻‍♂️

One LinkedIn search would’ve told you that.

C’mon man.

Using the pure numbers game approach won’t bring you success in this environment - you won’t last long.

There’s no room for this anymore.

Be prepared.

Be better.

Be worth talking to. 🧤🎤 #sales #toponepercenter #salestruth

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