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Ah yes, the infamous phone!

Ah yes, the infamous phone!

Reps hate it.

Managers love it.

Prospects… they’re somewhere in between.

There are so many scripts out there… Google “cold calling scripts” if you don’t believe me.

I prefer frameworks that you use to create relevant scripts for your own company.

Here’s how I think about cold calling.

Your job is to get a prospect’s interest in the first 12 seconds so they want to talk to you for another 12 seconds. Yes, this is a second by second game.

Here’s the cold calling framework:

• Opener

• Questions and pitch

• Objections

• Ask for the meeting

You know the opening line is the most important.

Here are a few ways to craft one.

• With humor like Jon Selig teaches

• Pattern interruptions

• Illuminating questions like Belal Batrawy shared last week

A cold call is not

• a one-sided monologue where you do all the talking

• a product dump

Agree, disagree, funny story? Share below in the comments!


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