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All around the world, tons of business professionals are suddenly working from home for the first time in their lives.

And this kind of rapid transition to remote work can be super challenging.

Here are a few tips to make this change just a little easier.

  • Stick to a routine. Get up at the same time. Start work at the same time. Eat lunch at the same time. And finish your work at the same time.
  • Get dressed like you're going to work. What you wear can have a big impact on your mood and mindset.
  • Try to create a work-only space in your home (this isn't always possible). It can really help to separate work and home. Don't work in bed.
  • Make sure you're getting some exercise. Since you won't be commuting, try to do some yoga at home or go for a walk. Activity can really help with cabin fever.

And just be patient with yourself and your family. This transition is going to be hard on everyone. Compassion and understanding can help.

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