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Always act on it

Someone I met at an event last fall reached out to me a week ago. She saw my Q&A in our newsletter, The Deal, and wanted to say hi. We hadn't spoken since the event, and it was nice to hear from her; we did a Google Hangout for 30 minutes yesterday and chewed the fat about life in 2020 - sheltering in place, our favorite at-home lunch recipes, and what we're reading. It was so pleasant, and a welcomed break.

I have always tried to listen to signs or thoughts; you know when you randomly recall a memory with someone, or see something that reminds them of you? Always act on it. You never know how you'll make their day better, or spark them to reach out to someone else and make THEIR day. This woman not only acknowledged a piece of work our team put a lot of effort into, but she was a connection in a time most people, myself included, need it.

Anyway, all that to say is, text or call the next person who serendipitously pops into your mind! They'll love it, promise.

Katherine Buck
Head of Growth at Bravado
Eugene Reuka
Bull at Red
great post!
Faraz Farooq
Inside Sales Team Lead at Builder
Great post, Katherine. Have had some really amazing conversations spontaneously like this. 
Tom Alaimo
Sales Manager, West at TechTarget
Good stuff - love this idea and reminder. 
Sahil Mansuri
CEO at Bravado
Awesome reminder my friend!
Walid Achikzai
Thanks, Katherin, it's a great reminder!
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