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Announcing The 2nd Annual Sales Hacker Top 50 Awards!

We’re teaming up with SalesHacker & their amazing selection committee, to celebrate the sales professionals who made the biggest impact in 2018.

We’re talking about sales professionals who put customers first, prioritize long-term, mutual benefit over commissions, and believe that building trust is the most important part of the job.

This year's categories:

  • Sales Development
  • Account Executive
  • Account Manager/CSM
  • Sales Ops/Enablement
  • Sales Leadership

How It Works (The Rules)

1. Fill out this short form to nominate someone deserving of recognition. Use a real business email address, so we know you're legit.

2. You can nominate yourself!

3. Make sure you include a good reason for your nomination. We want all the goodness.

4. Nominations from our Awards Committee count 3x.

5. Nominations from VPs or the C-Suite count 2x.

6. Nominations from people at other companies count 2x.

7. We tally up all the nominations. (Last year we had over 3,000!)

8. Our Awards Committee votes to determine category champions.

Each category has 10 winners: five women and five men. One woman and one man in each category will be selected as champions by our Awards Committee.

To get an idea for the kind of sales professional we're talking about, take a look at last years winners.

Without further ado, it’s time to vote for an inspiring sales professional, colleague, or top-performer for the Sales Hacker Top 50 Award, Presented by Bravado.


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