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Anxiety can happen after good things too

You've just closed a MASSIVE deal and you feel invincible... but then all of a sudden you're hit with a wave of self-doubt and negative self-talk.

Has this happened to you before?

This is Upper Limit happiness and anxiety.

We often connect anxiety to situations, emotions or events that are perceived as negative or make us uncomfortable.

When we encounter these threatening situations we start to feel anxious, because our ego is trying to protect us from something it perceives as "dangerous" so we can avoid it.

But the same process can happen during moments of peak happiness as well...

When we close a big deal...

When we fall in love...

When we land our dream job...

These are extremely vulnerable moments your ego can also perceive as dangerous, because all of a sudden you now have something to LOSE.

Your internal dialogue may switch to...

"You just got lucky"

"You don't deserve to be with them"

"You can't actually do that job"

When this happens - acknowledge that it is just anxiety.

You did in fact just do something so incredibly awesome that you scared the sh*t out of that voice inside your head.

Thank your little guardian ego and journal about why you're scared.

This will help you get back to the present so you can enjoy the moment.

Jeff Riseley
Founder at Sales Health Alliance
Terri Davis
Business Performance Advisor at Insperity
12 days ago
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