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Any time I am trying to solve a problem.

Any time I am trying to solve a problem.

I have a checklist of 10 questions that I run through.

Not only has this list helped me solve problems faster, but also more


But even better.

Avoid fighting things that aren't' worth the fight!

Here they are.

1. Is this problem worth solving? Is it a higher priority than other problems?

2. What haven't I considered yet?

3. Why is this problem a problem? What's causing it? People or Process? Why is THAT a problem?

4. Am I part of the problem?

5. Is there an area to compromise (new addition thank you Justin Welsh  

6. Could I be wrong in my thinking?

7. Have I solved this or a similar problem before? What did I do?

8. Have I asked for help? Who has solved this before?

9. Have I observed the problem personally?

10. Check the Data. Is this a high volume problem in occurrence, or high volume in terms of noise?

Walking through these questions helps me quickly find a path to solving almost any problem I am faced with.

Reps: You can use this to solve problems with deals and quota attainment.

Leaders: You can use this to solve problems for strategy, reps, deals, and quota attainment.

I literally have it printed out on my corkboard at home.

Feel free to copy, print, and do the same.

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