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Anyone else have this pet peeve?

Using "u" instead of "you" in messages in a professional environment.

I get it with people I know - I get it when texting (which again requires familiarity). I don't get it in cold prospecting emails.

So here's my advice to SDRs - your job is to create a pattern interrupt to get a prospect's attention. There are two ways to do this. Good surprise and bad surprise.

A good surprise will get someone to ask a question and engage.

A bad surprise will have one of three outcomes -

(1) you're ignored because they didn't like what they saw

(2) They respond to tell you WHY they didn't like what they saw but won't move forward

(3) MAYBE if your product is strong enough they'll respond and still move forward.

IMHO - Not worth the risk engineering a bad surprise by assuming familiarity to the point where you can use "texting language". Use full sentences, proper grammar, and show respect to your buyer in your copy.

(Yes yes - I can hear you already..."But Ashleigh I saw that when I use [insert phrase here] I get a higher response rate". CONTEXT MATTERS. If I don't know who U are and UR message is all lik dis? You just showed me I wasn't worth writing out a full sentence so you're not worth my time)

Ashleigh Early
The Other Sales Coach at Ashleigh Early
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