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Are you boring your prospects?

I’ve found that discovery meetings earlier in the sales cycle that run 60 minutes seem a little too long making it harder to set up next steps because the meeting drags on.

Buyers would need to really be interested in what you’re selling to want to sit through another hour of what you’re selling.

Over my career of doing both 60 and 30 minute discovery calls - 30 minutes had by far the best conversions to next steps.

30 minutes is just enough time to do a proper discovery, tell enough stories and set up next steps right when the meeting is at it’s climax.

The key is knowing where to end the meeting to save for the next meeting.

If you’re holding 60 minute discovery calls today, look to A/B test this and condense a few of your meetings to 30 minutes. After a month I would love to hear your results/thoughts after testing this out.

How long are your discovery calls/first meetings?
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