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Are you falling for the highlight reels?

Are you falling for the highlight reels?

A lot of people only share their successes which made me feel inadequate. I believed myself to be a failure because I didn’t measure up to them.

What these people don’t share publicly are all the failures it took to get there. What they don’t talk about openly are the countless months and years they spent working on their companies, books, ideas, or projects.


The sacrifices they made such as not having a social life, missing out on parties, events, and more. It’s funny how we like to create a make-believe highlight reel and leave out all the good parts.

That’s why I’m focused on sharing my entire story with you.

The failures, the struggles, and what I’ve learned along with my successes.

I want you to know that it takes a ton of time, energy, and effort to build anything worthwhile.

Don’t get lost in the highlight reels, that’s what I’ve learned.

What about yourself?

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