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Assuming you’re up to the challenge, your goal is to stand out amongst the sea of outreach your prospect gets on a daily basis.

The higher their seniority, the more outreach they get because it’s assumed they are the Decision Maker (DM) and every BDR is told to go after the DMs.

The bigger the company, think Fortune 500, the more companies that are reaching out to them at the same time.

That makes your job pretty challenging.

Here are a few things to think about before you start:

• It takes 12-16 touches to break through the noise, do you have enough runway for that many touches?

• If your territory is geography-based, what are the common verticals or industries that your companies are in?

• Named account list, what themes do these accounts have?

• What’s your unique selling proposition? Meaning, why would a company choose you over your competitors – this needs to be crystal clear

• What industries is your product the best fit for? Start with those first. Hint look at your current customer base.

• If you don’t know what a day in the life of your prospect looks like, find out

What am I missing? Share below in the comments.

P.S. next up is how to stand out in your crowded space

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