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B2B Sales on the Small/Medium Side

Howdy everyone,

I currently work on building partnerships at the small/medium business level on behalf of airlines like United.

Many of my customers are independent hotels too.

What a time to be in this space!

There is definite opportunity though to take the lead in content and thought leadership in this industry; that's where my focus is today and will be for a while to help drive business.

My sales career has been all about Small/Medium business - selling loyalty solutions, e-commerce, wireless services. Ran sales training for a while after being an inside rep and taught others how I was successful in selling a SaaS offering into the SMB space in Canada and then led a team of 8 as an Inside Sales Manager.

Happy to offer advice on selling to SMB's based on my experience - anything to help in these times of uncertainty.

I'd like help on content creation - working on my finding my voice, but more importantly, getting a sense of what's important to other sales pros....just like you!!

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