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Back in the day.

Back in the day.Right around the time when the Motorola Razor was the new iPhone.You used to get ~300 minutes to talk for $30/month.BUT you would get unlimited talk time on nights and weekends -ONLY if you’recalling within the same cellular network 😂The problem was your monthly bill was more like $400/mo because most calls were during the day and...they’d charge a premium per minute over your 300 minutes.To avoid this - you learned how to make your minutes count when you were talking to someone.You also would think twice about answering the call if you knew the person calling could talk for hours.Today’s cell phone plans are very different, but the thought process should be similar for salespeople.Just because your cell phone provider allows you to talk forever doesn’t mean you should when talking to buyers.There are many times the call is officially over - point made - but it still drags on much longer than it should.Too many calls like these and the buyer will think twice about picking up your next call.Buyers still want to save their talk time.Don’t waste their minutesIt’s OK to keep your convos short from time 2 time.Make minutes count when speaking to buyers and they’ll answer your calls more often.🖐🎤 #sales #toponepercenter #salespeople

Paul Salamanca
VP Global Sales at SecurityScorecard Inc.
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