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Barbara Giamanco is a legend.

Barbara Giamanco is a legend. This loss is huge for the sales community and especially all women in sales. She was always the first to raise others up and share her considerable wisdom.

I only met and started meeting with her a month or two ago. That wasn't nearly enough time and still, I came out well ahead in the value equation. In our brief conversations and "coffee talk" she always had inspiration and feedback that I've come to rely on.

Thank you for everything you've done Barb - for me and everyone in this community. My heart is broken that we won't speak again soon.

I hope she knew what an impact she had on me -and how much I looked forward to continuing to work with her.

Tell your idols what they mean to you and the impact they've had. This world can be cruel and you never know how long any of us have.

Thank you Barbara. I won't forget you.

Wow this is heartbreaking. RIP Barb and thank you for everything you've done for the sales community.
I love this Ashleigh Early - she was a role model for us all!

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