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Be a damn Buffalo!

That was my advice to someone asking me how to handle a problem they were solving.


Be a buffalo. Groundbreaking stuff.

Stick with me, I haven't lost it.

I learned this from Gary Michels many years ago.

See the Buffalo is one of the few animals that actually run TOWARDS a storm.

Which actually makes a lot of sense.

If a storm is coming at you at 20 mph and your run through it at 20mph, the storm passes you in half the time.

Plus you spend less energy.

Whereas if you run away from the storm.

You can't maintain that speed forever.

So not only does the storm catch you, but you no longer have enough energy to fight or survive the storm.

I know that was deep, but you also know it's true.

The longer we run from a problem, the more energy it drains from us.

Then we wonder why when we try to tackle it, we can't handle it.

It's a lose lose.

So take a second to think about this real quick.

There is something you've been avoiding.

Whether that's picking up the phone to make your cold calls.

Updating your CRM.

Asking for that raise.

Building your brand.

Learning a new habit.

There is something that you're avoiding that is actually costing you more energy than it needs to.

Run to it.

Run through it.

Be a buffalo.

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