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Be Better. Work Less.

I've seen this quote 1000 times too many and I'm tired of it.

"Hard work beats talent if talent doesn't work hard"

This is bullsh*t and here's why.

If someone is 2-3x better at something than you.

Say it's cold calling, or discovery or demo'ing, pattern recognition, time management, literally anything.

How much harder do you have to work to match them?


And that is just to MATCH their results, not beat them.

So if they put in 40 hrs, you have to put in 80 hrs to get the exact same results.

Think about that for a second.

It's like people forgot that you actually have to be good at something to succeed.

Every top sales rep I have ever had worked hard, but did they work 2-3x harder than everyone?

No, no they didn't.

They were just 2-3x better.

Hard work isn't enough to overcome talent alone.

All this hustle porn, work harder, I'll just out grind it out, is taking people down a dangerous path that doesn't lead to better results.

The best are also the best at what they do.

Master your craft ya'll.

Focus on getting better just as much as 'working hard' and you'll be shocked and what happens down the road.

Why not get better and work less?

Ever think about it that way?

Just a thought

Great insight Kevin!

There are ebbs and flows to the level of work needed. Some weeks require a lot of hours. Others you can take a more relaxed approach. 

Building up inertia at a startup requires a serious buy-in. An investment of human capital that will pay dividends once your company finds its footing.

Agree fully that simply grinding isn't the an...
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