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Be loyal to the opportunity, not the company.

Be loyal to the opportunity, not the company.

The reality is many sellers are 1-3 quarters of missed quota away from being fired, regardless of tenure, intangibles, or prior accomplishments.

If the company provides great opportunity, seize it to the fullest.

But when the opportunity is no longer there, recognize your situation.

Just like the company views you as expendible, you got to measure your options at all times.

This pandemic exposed several prominent VC backed startups that did massive firings in their workforce, particularly their sales teams, and within weeks raised multi-million dollar rounds.

The company will always put it's own survival before yours. So when things like:

🔥 Core management quitting or getting laid off en mass

🚫 Punitive changes to comp or quota without dialogue or recourse

🛑 Lack of promotion and professional growth causing tenured employees to leave

Etc, etc occur, you have got to recognize the signs and protect yourself.

It's the opportunity the company provides, not the company itself that you should follow.

Opportunities are abound for those that seek them.

Be complacent at your own peril.

You are in the driver seat of your career.

Focus on the opportunities, wherever they may be.

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