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Be the next guest on the Show

On the last show my guest co-host, Thomas Boccard, and I ran through one of Sami Khalil’s deal.

Great convo and a great time. Shout out to both of them for participating.

If you missed it - we’ll post the recording here next week.

Next week = new show = new topic.

Want to be the next guest on our show?

(Top One Percenter Members only)

Do you record your cold calls or meetings?

Join me on the Top One Percenter show and let’s review your recording of your cold call pitch or your discovery meetings together.

I promise you’ll walk away with TOP tips you can implement immediately that will really show improved results.

We’ll block out any sensitive info on the recording so we don’t name anyone.

Comment here or message me directly if you want in.

See you at the TOP!



Paul Salamanca

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