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Becoming a Leader - Manny Medina - #SecretToSales

I stormed Outreach’s Seattle office for an exclusive interview with Manny Medina. 

I asked him about the lessons he learned from his experience as an entrepreneur and what it takes to become a successful leader.

“I think you have to design the kind of leader you want to be, and solve for that.” - Manny Medina

What do you think is an important trait for an effective leader?
Topher Benderson
Freelance SDR at Self-Employed
Daniel O'Connor
love his contrast to top down leadership! 
Jeff Thomas
Founder at Predictably
It's funny when you see these rocket-ship startups - They all have great leaders - Weird Coincidence :-)
Julia Park
Partner Sales Account Executive at Gusto
Loved the interview, thanks Topher! Leaning on your strengths and hiring complements for your weaknesses. My top 3 personal skill sets are individualization, focus, and empathy. 
Maria Tribble
Vice President, Sales at PathFactory
Amazing! Manny Medina leadership is indeed always a servant position - always helping from the back 100% 
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