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Before this pandemic hit, I had a dream.

I wanted to diversify thought leadership.

I wanted to make it easier for event organizers to source diverse, up-and-coming talent for their events.

I wanted to end "all white man-els" and those events where you've already seen ever single speaker at the last 3 industry events you attended.

I dreamed of a diverse speaker's bureau. A way to amplify the voices of ALL OF US.

Not just the select few. All of us.

But I couldn't figure out the right way to make money on a speaker's bureau where the speaker's maybe wouldn't make much or anything for their time.

And so I pivoted. I decided that the best way for me to help was to find all the ways that I could support diverse professionals tell their stories and share their insights.

And so I'm on a mission to diversify thought leadership.

Not by working with events, but by supporting any person who just wants to get out there more.

To contribute more. To share more. To teach more.

So tell me...

What's holding you back from shouting your story from the rooftops?

What do you want to learn?

What do you want to try?

How do you want to share your expertise and transform into a well-known thought leader in your industry?

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