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Being the loudest in the room doesn’t mean you will magically have success.

There is a specific mindset that goes along with that noise in order for people to hear you.

Imagine this...

You’re at dinner in a crowded room.

Although it’s noisy, you can still hear your dinner date speaking to you as you carry on conversation.

Then you start to hear someone several tables over begin to raise their voice.

They’re telling a story.

You begin to listen in, not on purpose but because you’re suddenly curious.

Then, from another direction in the room, you hear a belly laugh followed by statements that peek your interest.

However, you can’t ever really make out what the message is, coming from this new noise.

If anything, it’s just distracting.

It gets louder and louder.

The entire room can hear and is awkwardly trying to continue on with the conversations at their own table.

When suddenly, you turn your curious ear back to the first conversation.

Surprisingly, you can still hear every word.

And you even recognize in that moment, it almost feels louder than the obnoxious noises coming from the other side of the room...

Why is that?

Because it’s coherent.

Make sure your noise has a message, and isn’t just loud.

That’s what attracts your tribe.

I so agree with this 100%
11 days ago
Cheers, my friend!
11 days ago
Cheers to you too.!
11 days ago
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